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  • gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Ancho Pork Tamales
    1/2 DOZ. Ancho Pork Tamales After years of perfecting our gourmet tamales the one we spend the most time on is our A...More »

  • no-lard
    $15.00 Beef Beer & Jalapeno Tamales
    1/2 DOZ. Beef Beer & Jalapeño Tamales Just about anyone who tries our beef tamales loves the way they tas...More »

  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Chocolate Tamales with Cherries & Pecans
    Ghirardelli Chocolate, Dried Cherry & Roasted Pecan TamalesMore »

  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Cranberry Jalapeno Pecan Tamales
    Cranberry, Jalapeño & Roasted Pecan TamalesThese tamales are also known as the Turkey Stuffing Tamales. If...More »

  • gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Poblano Chicken Tamales
    1/2 DOZ. Poblano Chicken Tamales Tamale lovers from coast-to-coast keep saying our chicken tamale recipe is deliciou...More »

  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Poblano Corn Tamales
    1/2 DOZ. Yellow Corn & Roasted Poblano Fresh Corn Poblano is made with sweet and delicious whole kernel corn mix...More »

  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Spring Tamales
    1/2 DOZ. Red Bell Pepper, Carrot & Serrano Pepper Tamales That's right.....They're VEGAN TAMALES!  Some pe...More »

  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 The Greek Tamale
    Spinach, Feta & Kalamata OlivesOne of our favorite vegetarian tamale recipes is inspired by our love for Greek fo...More »

  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Wild Mushroom & Texas Goat Cheese Tamales
    1/2 DOZ. Mushroom & Texas Goat Cheese TamalesIt's most people's favorite vegetarian tamale we make! Enjoy th...More »

  • gluten,no-lard
    $18.00 Mardi Gras Crawfish Tamales
    Crawfish, Onions, Garlic, Cayenne Peppers, Fresh Cilantro, and Spices  More »

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