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Slow Cooked Beef Tamales

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1/2 DOZ. Slow Cooked Beef Tamales

Just about anyone who tries our beef tamales loves the way they tastes. The meat is slow cooked and seasoned with tomatoes, onions, and some garlic for good measure. Don't worry they are kid friendly on the heat level. You could turn up the heat with your own hot sauce. 

We prepare our beef tamales with is the same high-quality beef served in the nicest steakhouses restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas. There is no substitution for fresh quality ingredients. ¡Que rico!

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Product Reviews

This flavor is spectacular! This is by far my favorite. I give them for Christmas gifts every year to my neighbors!

I have been ordering Hot Damn Tamales for years, not just for my family, but for my friends at Christmas time. Everyone LOVES them!! I make a Red Chili Sauce to serve over the Beef Tamales. My husband raves about them. The Beef Beer Jalapeno Tamales are tender and delicious! We have eaten the Chicken, Pork and Wild Mushroom Tamales, too, and they are amazing!

My husband loves tamales. You can't get great tamales in New York. So I ordered from Texas. He thought they were wonderful!

i really enjoyed entertaining my guest this past weekend with your Hot Damn Tamales; what a wonderful treat for myself and my guest. i ordered three one half dozen for six people and ran out quickly.Will be ordering more for next year Super Bowl. They were all great..

More Information

BOIL IN THE BAG: Place the vacuum sealed bag in boiling water for approximatly 15 minutes, and 20 minutes if beef tamales are frozen. The beef tamales will quickly thaw instide the bag. The beef tamalaes will steam inside the bag. After boiling the bag of beef tamales, carefully remove the beef tamales from the bag, let the beef tamales rest 1–2 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

Steam: Remove from bag. Steam the beef tamales over boiling water in a steamer basket, and use a lid on the steamer pot covered for about 25–30 minutes. Let the beef tamales rest briefly before serving.

Microwave: Remove the beef tamales from the vacuum sealed bag. Place the beef tamales on a microwave-safe plate, cover the beef tamales with a damp paper towel, and heat on high for 1–2 minutes per tamale. Check the beef tamales you are microwaving every minute to reposition them on the plate for even heating. Let the beef tamales rest for a minute before serving. Enjoy!

Reheat and cook the beef tamales until the internal temperature is 165 F.

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