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Wild Mushroom & Texas Goat Cheese Tamales

  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard

1/2 DOZ. Mushroom & Texas Goat Cheese Tamales

It's most people's favorite vegetarian tamale we make! Enjoy the earthy flavor of Wild Mushrooms accented with smoky Chipotle Peppers and the subtle zing of fine artisan Texas Goat Cheese. We fold the mushrooms and goat cheese together and make a filling that's out of this world delicious. We add a hint of chipotle and finish with a blanket of our seasoned lard-free masa.

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All of these tamales are fabulous. My husband loves the Wild Mushroom & Texas Goat Cheese ones. I love them all. We live in Denver, CO and there is not a tamale within miles that beats these. Try them. I guarantee you will be a satisfied customer.

My family looks forward to these tamales every year. It is our Christmas Eve dinner tradition and we are never disappointed. They arrive on time and are easy to prepare. They were delicious.

Easy to cook and delicious. Would order again.

My wife and I love these almost as much as the pork tamales.

The instructions were easy - I was expecting to figure out how to steam them for an hour! I served them at a Christmas party for non-Texans and everyone loved these and the Mardi Gras Crawfish! I saved the Poblano Corn for myself for Christmas Eve! Excellent products! Very happy!

After trying these tamales the first time, had to order more. One word describes these tamales.... Outstanding.

More Information

It only takes an hour to cook tamales in a steamer. Any kind of steamer pot with a lid will work. It is OK to steam frozen tamales. The steam will perfectly thaw the tamales and cook them.

The tamales can be frozen and put directly into the steamer. Once your steamer is steaming rapidly we suggest breifly turning off the heat to safely load the tamales in the steamer. Same goes for removing the tamales from the steamer. Turn the steamer off - safety first!

The tamales will come wrapped in foil and plastic wrap. Remove the plastic and leave the tamales in the foil. Put the foil packages into the steamer for approximatly 1 hour.

The way to check if the tamales are finished cooking is to unwrap a corn husk on one of the tamales. If the masa sticks to the corn husk then the tamales need to steam longer.

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