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Spring Tamales

  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
  • vegan,gluten,no-lard

1/2 DOZ. Red Bell Pepper, Carrot & Serrano Pepper Tamales

That's right.....They're VEGAN TAMALES! 

Some people are vegan seeking vegan tamales. Find out why vegans and vegetarians love these tamales. Do you like red bell pepper? Wait until you try the Spring Tamales made with red bell peppers, shredded carrots, and a hint serrano peppers that leave a little spicy finish, not a lip burn. If you are looking for a wide variety we encourage you to try these vegan tamales. They taste completely different than more traditional flavors. The sweetness from the carrots and the boldness from the red bells adds a super-exciting flavor to this tamale. The Spring Tamales give you the sense that tamales are not just a boring mass produced side dish. 

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Product Reviews

I discovered Hot Damned Tamales! on a drive through Fort Worth, TX while on vacation. Now I order them online and bear the additional shipping costs because I live a few states away. They're that good. So is the Salsa Roja that's made in-house. We also like to order the Tamale Sauce that's served on the side at the restaurant, but comes as a powder with instructions if you order online.

If you're reluctant to order online because of the shipping costs, I can't blame you, but you're missing out on a luxurious treat if you don't live near Fort Worth. And have no fear about shipping order mishaps. I've had only one order error and the owner quickly made things right. Frankly, I felt like she jumped on a grenade by absorbing the "UPS Second Day Air" shipping costs on a make-up order. You won't find more integrity in a business or flavor in a tamale, IMO.

If you are vegan or avoid meat or dairy for some health reason, you'll still find plenty of tamale options.

I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the food and the service. I wish all businesses were this conscientious and customer oriented. Give them a try.

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