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Black Beans Tamales (Vegan)

  • vegetarian, gluten
  • vegetarian, gluten

1/2 DOZ. Black Beans Tamales

Enjoy these yummy vegan Black Bean Tamales with your favorite chips and salsa. You'll be amazed at how easy they go down.

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Mostly I like how easy it was to prepare the tamales. Also they came in a thick walled styrofoam cooler and that was a good thing because they shipped on a Thursday and sat in a warehouse over the weekend. I was a bit worried that they were compromised but the bottom cold pack was still a bit frozen and the tamales still cool. My family loved them. I grew up in El Paso TX and was craving tamales for New Year's. I ordered the Friday before Christmas and could not reach anyone over the holiday week and I even wondered if I would receive my order. I'm glad I did and we enjoyed a chance to eat these - not quite El Paso tamales but close enough.

I'm a real tamale snob and I love black bean tamales. These are by far the best I've eaten. The filling to masa ratio is just right and the addition of the Oaxaca cheese is great. I'll order them again for Christmas!

I order these for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday for a surprise - there were some shipping issues but when I called everyone was so nice and so helpful - my brother-in-law receive them on time and said they were the most amazing tamales he had ever eaten
Can't wait to order some for myself

They were eaten in less than five minutes.

More Information

It only takes an hour to cook tamales in a steamer. Any kind of steamer pot with a lid will work. It is OK to steam frozen tamales. The steam will perfectly thaw the tamales and cook them.

The tamales can be frozen and put directly into the steamer. Once your steamer is steaming rapidly we suggest breifly turning off the heat to safely load the tamales in the steamer. Same goes for removing the tamales from the steamer. Turn the steamer off - safety first!

The tamales will come wrapped in foil and plastic wrap. Remove the plastic and leave the tamales in the foil. Put the foil packages into the steamer for approximatly 1 hour.

The way to check if the tamales are finished cooking is to unwrap a corn husk on one of the tamales. If the masa sticks to the corn husk then the tamales need to steam longer.

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