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Poblano Corn Tamales

  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
  • vegan,gluten,no-lard

1/2 DOZ. Yellow Corn & Roasted Poblano

Fresh Corn Poblano is made with sweet and delicious whole kernel of corn mixed directly into the masa. The pure and simple filling ingredients is mixed into the organic corn flour to make a tamale masa lover's dreams come true. Besides being called our drunk tamale because it has no filling. It is also dubbed the 'versatile tamale' because it can be eaten a million different ways.

Fresh Corn Poblano is good all alone with or with your favorite chip salsa. You can also crumble this tamale over a field green salad, top a bowl of chili, or make a yummy tamale casserole!

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Product Reviews

I ordered the Corn Poblano tamales as well as well as the Black Bean and Oaxaca Cheese and Pumpkin tamales for Thanksgiving. I've never seen tamales get eaten so fast! As suggested, I crumbled mine on top of chili and it was wonderful. I'll order again and again. If you don't have a tamale steamer, make that small investment.

We ordered a variety of tamales for our Super Bowl party. We liked them all, but absolutely loved the flavor and moistness (is that a word) of the Poblano Corn tamales! Thank you, Hot Damn Tamales!

They were delicious!

the best tamales I've found for vegans. Thanks for considering that option. I will reccommend and buy again.

More Information

It only takes an hour to cook tamales in a steamer. Any kind of steamer pot with a lid will work. It is OK to steam frozen tamales. The steam will perfectly thaw the tamales and cook them.

The tamales can be frozen and put directly into the steamer. Once your steamer is steaming rapidly we suggest breifly turning off the heat to safely load the tamales in the steamer. Same goes for removing the tamales from the steamer. Turn the steamer off - safety first!

The tamales will come wrapped in foil and plastic wrap. Remove the plastic and leave the tamales in the foil. Put the foil packages into the steamer for approximatly 1 hour.

The way to check if the tamales are finished cooking is to unwrap a corn husk on one of the tamales. If the masa sticks to the corn husk then the tamales need to steam longer.

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