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Buy Gourmet Tamales in Assorted Combo Boxes

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  • Meat Lovers Tamale Gift Box
    $74.88 Meat Lovers Tamale Gift Box
    1/2 Poblano Chicken Tamales 1/2 Angus Beef, Beef & Jalapeno Tamales 1/2 Ancho Pork Tamales 1/2 Cowboy BBQ Bris... More »
  • most-popular-tamales, gift, box
    $74.88 Most Popular Tamales Gift Box
    1/2 doz  Angus Beef Sirloin Tamales1/2 doz  Cowboy BBQ Beef Brisket Tamales1/2 doz  Poblano Chicken Ci... More »
  • pork-tamales, cheese-tamales, bean-tamales, corn-tamales, gluten-free, no-lard
    $74.88 The Traditional Tamale Gift Box
    1/2 doz.  Ancho Pork Tamales1/2 doz.  3 Cheese Queso Tamales1/2 doz.  Black Bean and Oaxaca Cheese Tam... More »
  • Chicken and Veggie Combo
    $74.88 Chicken and Veggie Combo
    1 Dozen Poblano Chicken Tamales 1/2 Mushroom & Goat Cheese Tamales 1/2 Spinach, Feta, Kalamata Olive Tamales More »
  • Ancho Pork and Veggie Combo
    $74.88 Ancho Pork and Veggie Combo
    1 Dozen Ancho Pork Tamales 1/2 Doz. Poblano Corn Tamales 1/2 Doz. Three Cheese Queso Tamales More »
  • Veggie Lover's Tamale Gift Box Sampler Combo: 1/2 Dozen Poblano Corn Tamales; 1/2 Doz. Three Cheese Queso Tamales; 1/2 Doz. Black Bean Oaxaca Cheese Tamales; 1/2 Doz. Mushroom Goat Cheese Tamales
    $74.88 Veggie Lover Combo #1
    1/2 Poblano Corn Tamales 1/2 Three Cheese Queso Tamales 1/2 Black Bean and Oaxaca Cheese Tamales 1/2 Mushroom and ... More »

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