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Our pre-arranged tamale gift box assortments are popular. If you don't see a combination you want then click the Tamales link at the top of the page. You can add the tamales you want to your cart by clicking on each pictures.

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  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 Black Beans & Oaxaca Cheese Tamales
    Black Beans & Oaxaca Cheese TamalesBlack beans kissed with mozzarella-style cheese from the Mexican state of Oaxaca.... More »
  • most-popular-tamales, gift, box
    $55.00 Most Popular Tamales Gift Box
    Cowboy BBQ Beef Brisket Poblano Chicken Cilantro LimeBeef Tenderloin Beer and JalapenoWild Mushroom and Texas Goat ... More »
  • gluten,no-lard
    $49.95 The Traditional Tamale Gift Box
    Three Cheese Queso TamalesAncho Pork Tenderloin TamalesBlack Bean and Oaxaca CheeseTamalesFresh Corn PoblanoTamales More »
  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 Wild Mushroom & Texas Goat Cheese Tamales
    Mushroom & Texas Goat Cheese TamalesIt's most people's favorite vegetarian tamale we make. Enjoy the earthy fla... More »
  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 Poblano Corn Tamales
    Yellow Corn & Roasted Poblano Fresh Corn Poblano is made with sweet and delicious whole kernel of corn mixed direct... More »
  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $72.00 Vegetarian Tamales Gift Box
    The Greek TamalesPoblano Corn TamalesBlack Beans and Oaxaca Cheese TamalesWild Mushroom and Texas Goat CheeseCheese Tama... More »
  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 Spring Tamales
    Red Bell Pepper, Carrot & Serrano Pepper Tamales If you want a light tamale with lots of zip, Spring Tamales fit th... More »
  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
    $42.95 Vegan Tamales Gift Box
    Poblano Corn TamalesSpring TamalesTropical Fruit TamalesCranberry Tamales   More »
  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 Cheese Tamales
    Three Cheese TamalesOne of our favorite food parings is simple as simple as cheese and masa. When you put a variety of c... More »
  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 The Greek Tamale
    Spinach, Feta & Kalamata OlivesOne of our favorite vegetarian tamale recipes is inspired by our love for Greek food,... More »
  • no-lard
    $15.00 Beef Beer & Jalapeno Tamales
    Beef Beer & Jalapeño Tamales Just about anyone who tries our beef tamale loves the way it tastes. The meat i... More »
  • no-lard
    $14.00 Cowboy BBQ Brisket Tamales
    Cowboy BBQ Brisket Tamales When you visit Fort Worth a.k.a "Cowtown" you will likely find some of the best barbeque kno... More »
  • no-lard
    $35.95 Dessert Tamale Gift Box
    Ghirardelli Chocolate Cherry Pecan TamalesTropical Fruit Sweet TamalesCranberry Jalapeno Pecan Tamales More »
  • gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Poblano Chicken Tamales
    Poblano Chicken Tamales Tamale lovers from coast-to-coast keep saying our chicken tamale recipe is their new favorite. ... More »
  • gluten,no-lard
    $14.00 Ancho Pork Tamales
    Ancho Pork Tamales If pork tamales are your old standby then keep reading... After years of perfecting our gourmet fill... More »
  • vegetarian,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 Chocolate Tamales with Cherries & Pecans
    Ghirardelli Chocolate, Dried Cherry & Roasted Pecan Tamales More »
  • vegan,gluten,no-lard
    $12.00 Cranberry Jalapeno Pecan Tamales
    Cranberry, Jalapeño & Roasted Pecan TamalesThese tamales are also known as the Turkey Stuffing Tamales. If yo... More »

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