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FAQs & Shipping Info

General Questions

How do the tamales arrive? They arrive frozen in reusable Styrofoam containers packed with reusable ice packs.

How long will they keep? 6 months frozen, 4 - 5 days in your refrigerator.

Are they really vegetarian? Absolutely! We use neither lard or stock of ANY kind in our tamales, so you can be assured that you will receive quality tamales without the lard. And since there is no lard, they are much healthier to eat...enjoy!

Do I have to buy by the dozen? No! You can purchase by the half dozen! You are not obligated to purchase a whole dozen of any one flavor. Our tamales are much larger than the traditional Texas sized tamales. To boot, it's more fun trying them when you can try a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

How long do I heat them? Heating depends on meat tamales or vegetable tamales or desert tamales. Drop entire meat package into boiling water 35 minutes. Do not puncture bag. Enjoy! All vegetable and desert tamales may be steamed in a steamer or wrapped in a wet paper towel and heated in the microwave. It is ideal to let the frozen tamales thaw in the refrigerator before heating. If any are left over, put into a plastic bag, seal and freeze and repeat the process until heated. Refrigerated leftovers may be reheated in the microwave (wrap in plastic) for 3 - 5 minutes.

Shipping Information

We ship nationwide!

Your Hot Damn, Tamales! can be shipped via anywhere in the Continental US, Alaska and Hawaii.

On orders placed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ship, we will hang onto the order until Monday.

If your address is within a 2 day ground zone of Fort Worth, Texas, we can ship ground.  Otherwise, the only options will be next day or 2nd day air shipments.  When you obtain a shipping quote when checking out, we will let you know if ground is possible.

If you have any questions, call us at 877-826-2539.


We guarantee our products and services will live up to your expectations. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will do what we can to make you happy. If you run into an issue please let us know.

You can reach us at info@hotdamntamales.com or by calling 817-926-9909.

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