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Dessert Tamale Gift Box

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Ghirardelli Chocolate Cherry Pecan Tamales
Tropical Fruit Sweet Tamales
Cranberry Jalapeno Pecan Tamales
Pumpkin Raisin Tamales

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Product Reviews

These were sent as part of a gift package.

I got nothing but rave reviews from all who got to eat them.

My only disappointment was that I wasn't there to share them with my friends. They loved them and want more !!

They said they were very tasty and fabulous.

They arrived very quickly, well packaged, and extremely tasty.

Thank you !!

Heating Instruction - Our tamales are packaged in foil by the half dozen. The only way to cook the tamales is to use a steamer.

Leave the tamales wrapped in the foil while they are steaming. This keeps the ingredients from spilling out and making a mess in your steamer.

The foil holds them together while they steam. Steam them on HIGH for 75 to 90 minutes. Start counting after your steamer has reached a rapid steam. Finally, frozen tamales thaw out beautifully in the steamer while wrapped in foil. Steaming refrigerated tamales saves about 20 minutes.

Tip#1 Add water to your steamer every 15 minutes. Most important!!!

Tip#2 Do the "dimple" check. Carefully unwrap the foil bundle. Then unfold the corn husk so you can see the tamale. Make sure the tamale isn't to hot and press the dough with your finger. If you make a dimple then the dough/masa is to soft and need to steam longer.

Tip#3 If the dough/masa sticks to the corn husk they need to steam a lot longer.

Tip#4 Do not walk away from the steamer. It needs more water!

Tip#5 We suggest when you load an unload your steamer to turn it off. Don't forget to turn it back on after you load it!

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